Scope of the report

This report covers all four current divisions of Hanson UK and also encompasses the building products division, which was sold in early 2015. Waste, energy and water data from contracting works sites has not been included due to the difference in the type of activity carried out. The same applies to Hanson Structherm and Irvine Whitlock, who are primarily involved as contractors. We have a controlling interest in the joint venture Smiths Concrete and their active operations are included in the data.

Our 2015 report remains aligned to the UK concrete industry’s Sustainable Construction Strategy and the UK Green Construction Board’s call for action on water, waste, carbon, materials and biodiversity. We use 18 key performance indicators for reporting which complement the over-arching sustainability strategy of our parent company, HeidelbergCement, summarised here.

We are committed to reporting annually and the report covers the calendar year to the end of 2014. Any changes in measurement methods are indicated alongside the relevant table.

The information and data contained within this report has been verified by Lucideon CICS Ltd as reliable and providing a fair and balanced representation of the reported sustainability activities in the reporting period.

Global Reporting initiative

This document is based on the Global Reporting initiative (GRI) framework for sustainability reporting. We have self-assessed our reporting to be Application Level B. You can find a table giving the location of the GRI standard disclosures on the link below.

Hanson UK GRI Index